Kilimanjaro 2018

I am so excited to climb Kilimanjaro July 24-Aug 2, 2018 with friends and family!  Dr. Jim Price, our dear friend and recently retired Senior Pastor of Diamond Canyon Christian Church (DC3) and a veteran of 4 climbs on Kilimanjaro, will be leading this once-in-a-lifetime adventure with me!

The 2015 Kili Climbers (also led by Jim) raised funds that enabled us to build the first staff house on the Wild Hope land. We moved from our tent, where we lived for 3 years, to the house in December 2016.  I praise God that this time, I get to climb “Kili” to be a part of raising funds for our next phase of accommodations and facilities to house participants who are part of our discipleship programs.  Come climb with me, come with your son/daughter/parents …come with a friend!  And if you can’t come, thank you for considering sponsoring those who God is calling to climb with us.

“This is an opportunity to achieve a life dream and leave a life legacy.  Climbing Kilimanjaro is a major life achievement and a great thrill.  From the summit, just below 20,000 feet you can see the curvature of the earth as the sun rises over the African plains…You are going to experience one of life’s greatest possible adventures.”  –Jim Price

Thank you Jim for pouring into our ministry here in Tanzania while pursuing life-giving adventure!

If you are biting at the bit to join us, see the Kilimanjaro Climb details page and contact Jim right away.  This is your chance to enjoy the thrill of a lifetime for a worthy cause.  There are 20 spots on the team; get your name in there, and send in your $575 non-refundable deposit, and hopefully come July, 2018 we will be standing on the highest place in Africa together!

– Tammy Russell


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