Warrior Training is Wild Hope’s response to a wired but disconnected world.  This spiritual coaching 4 week long event is for those who are hungry for more …more of God …more of living life in abundance …getting connected to the wildness of our adventurous God.   It’s about helping participants identify their God given gifting and saying goodbye to places of fear that keep them from being all God has made them to be.

Some of the topics we will cover together:

  1. Discerning the voice of God
  2. Reclaiming the power of solitude and contemplation in our 21st century lives
  3. Understanding our own unique “Gift Mix” for effective life planning
  4. How to get and stay free from those areas in our lives that sabotage our true identity
  5. Partnering with God in loving a broken world
  6. Experiencing the adventure of wild places and exploring the joy of being stewards of our Father’s good earth
  7. Servant Leadership


-Are you ready to go to the next level in your spiritual walk with Jesus?

-Are you eager to discover the gifts the Father has given you to advance His Kingdom?

-Is your soul crying out for less noise and more clarity and purpose in your life?

-Does leaving a life of comfort for one that is vulnerable but oozing with purpose and adventure get you excited?

-Do you want to learn more about the Bible and discover Jesus’ heart for the world?

-Do you want to experience wild Africa the way no tourist has?

Then you should consider joining us for Wild Hope’s 4 Week 4-Wheel Warrior Training -2017 edition-


We welcome 18-35 year olds to northern Maasailand, near Arusha Tanzania …the Land of Giants.  Here we will find the active silicate volcano Oldonyio Lengai, called the “Mountain of God” with it’s deep magmatic rumblings; the emerald heights of Gelai Mountain raising above the pink shores of flamingo laced lake Natron, the cloudy crags of Mt Meru and of course the White King himself, Kilimanjaro, raising his snowy head above the thorn scrub plains.

Into this breathtaking landscape we will journey together over 4-wheel tracks far off the beaten tourist byways and into the bush …adventuring together.  We will explore this rugged country but even more importantly we’ll explore the topography of our own hearts with a band of carrying and loving brothers and sisters.

Plenty of time for your soul to sit and listen and grow

Heading to the bush.  Off road …and offline.


You will meet people you have nothing in common with ..and experience a love that transcends culture

Maasai school kids love to get to know those from other corners of the globe

Fun is part of the package!


Wild hope, wild life



Each Warrior Training is unique and the itinerary varies but the following will give you a general idea:

We’ll start at Wild Hope’s rustic but comfortable Base Camp in Arusha.  Here we will set the ground work for our heart journey.  We’ll be staying in nice tents and jumping into studying God’s Word, welcoming His Holy Spirit to infuse us afresh with revelation and power.  We will also have home stays with some great Tanzanians to understand more their lives and increase our Swahili language skills.

Then we’ll start the bush phase of our time together, heading off the grid into the nyika bush of Maasailand.  We’ll sit around the fire with dear Maasai friends of ours who not only have been natural warriors but who are now warriors of the cross.  We’ll help out in a local school bringing love and hope to kids who we believe are the future leaders of Africa.

Then it’s off to camp in the shadows of Oldonyio Lengai, the Mountain of God.  This area is full of wonder with the largest breeding ground of lesser flamingos in the world on Lake Natron, and the stunning Engare Sero river which violently erupts from the rugged Rift Valley wall.

We’ll also enjoy the elephants and game of one of the wilder game parks in the Northern Circuit.  Tarangire National Park runs along a stream which winds through the acacia tortilis woodlands of Manyara district.  It’s hard not to praise our Creator while we contemplate the color palate of a lilac breasted roller, or wonder at the stature of a maasai giraffe.  This too is a part of our journey into worship of our Creator …a worship that transforms us into the image of the One who is full of imagination and life …and who cares for us with a deep and abiding love.



Peter and Tammy Russell, the directors of Wild Hope, love Africa and love Discipleship.  They have been involved in cross cultural missions in East Africa for 26 years.  They have worked primarily with the Maasai in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania and their hearts have been knit together with this pastoral and ancient people.  Currently they are establishing Wild Hope’s retreat/training center outside of Arusha, Tanzania where they are training not only the next generation of African but also Western Christian leaders.


At Wild Hope we take very seriously the creation and maintenance of a safe and loving environment where shy or fearful souls can emerge into a loving place of nurture, care, and protection.  We will never force you to go where you are not willing or ready to go and we are committed to protect your confidentiality and dignity.

But having said that, we are always amazed how Africa proves again and again to carry a redemptive gift of breakthrough in peoples’ lives.  Don’t be surprised if discovery, revelation and life transformation are the results of your time here.

All we ask in return is that you would be willing.  Willing to say yes to an adventurous and wild God;  willing to say yes to change in your life, and willing to be open and honest with your fellow travelers.


Dates: One month between June and August with actual dates to be announced

Personal travels in and around Tanzania after our trip are more than welcome and we can give advice on some fun trips we know of.

Price:     ground expenses will be announced when the Warrior Training is announced but usually under $3,500

  • All room and board at Wild Hope
  • Camping cost, fees and food
  • 2 nights at a safari lodge (full board)
  • 2 days camping in a game park
  • All program transport
Does Not Include
  • Visa ($100 for Americans)
  • Airfare and ground transport to Arusha, Tanzania
    (should be between $1,300-$2,000 from US)
  • Shots and malaria meds (approx $300)
  • Health insurance that covers international travel and evacuation
  • Personal shopping
  • Personal travel and food

[Note:  Check with your church to see if they might like to sponsor you!]



Write us at info@wildhopeinternational.org and we will let you know when the next Warrior Training is being offered.

The Small Print

Space is limited to 10 participants.
The age focus is 18-35 year olds (or there about :).
Fitness Requirement:  You need to be able to hike a moderate trail for 4-5 hours and be ok with bumpy roads.
We will prayerfully go over your application and, if we feel led to do so, will talk to the spiritual mentor you indicate or ask you further questions. We will let you know by April 15h if you have been chosen as one of the participants.

Once you are accepted a non-refundable deposit of $200 will hold your place till May 15th when the entire cost of the Warrior Training is due in full.  Purchase of round trip airfare, the cost of the required shots, malaria medicine, traveler’s health insurance and Tanzanian visa will be the responsibility of the participant and must be purchased in a timely fashion.

If for some unforeseen and legitimate reason you are unable to join us, Wild Hope will return any money you have sent in minus the $200 non-refundable deposit.
If for some unforeseen and legitimate reason Wild Hope has to cancel the trip you will be notified promptly and your money will be returned in full.

Interested In Joining Us?