The world is aware of Africa’s giants: HIV/AIDS, famine, war and corruption.  What the world may not yet be aware of are the godly African men and women being raised up to engage these giants and see them eventually felled one by one in their communities and nations.  The raw African resources of gold, diamonds and oil are not the resources we’re trying to leverage.  Instead, we long to see men and women of character nurtured to step into the leadership void that is keeping Africa from fullness of life.

At Wild Hope we are perhaps foolish enough to believe that every problem Africa faces has a solution lying dormant in an African’s heart.  We believe that these solutions and dreams are from God and that we can help people come to freedom in Christ so that these big dreams can be released.  It’s these African men and women who will change Africa.  To this end, we’ve developed a spiritual formation and character based curriculum called Deep Level Discipleship.  Addressing issues of sonship and daughterhood, we’ve seen African and Western participants deeply changed by the truth of God’s love.  The focus of our courses is on the heart where our hopes and dreams lie, at times blocked by our hurts and addictions.  Hearts growing in integrity and wholeness (not perfection!) will transform the world.  Elements of our courses impact all we do, whether we are leading seminars or just walking with friends through the journey of life.


Home has always been the base from which we operate and hospitality is a normal part of how we live.  God has provided Wild Hope with 27 beautiful acres in Tanzania.  Since 2013 we have been expressing our love of contemplative listening prayer, soul care, and discipleship in actual brick and mortar as we develop our Retreat and Training Center; a place for worship, prayer, retreat, training, renewal and community.  From this beautiful base 20 minutes from Arusha town we host training seminars and volunteer teams, as well as healing prayer with small groups and individuals.

As the Lord provides, we will build permanent staff housing, a central gathering space and guest cottages to house teams and those attending seminars, retreats and prayer initiatives.  God-honoring agricultural methods that help local farmers increase the yield of their land.  We have big dreams for this small piece of Africa.


Africa is a place of incredible beauty.  From the towering snow-capped slopes of Kilimanjaro to wide, game-filled plains and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, it’s a place that must be experienced to be understood.  Here, in incredible natural settings un-touched by much modern development, hearts and minds are uniquely inspired.


But there is another, more subtle beauty in East Africa that is found in the hearts of her people. While most people know that Africa has great needs, we believe that her people also have much to give. Safaris With a Purpose offer the opportunity for visitors to connect with our African friends; to experience some of their circumstances and learn about their dreams and challenges.  In these two-way relationships, participants bring assistance to local communities while also enjoying nature and the chance for personal growth and spiritual renewal.

The components of any given trip are tailored to fit the group involved.  Typically a safari of this sort would be 2-3 weeks in length and could include urban outreach, assisting English classes, leading training seminars, sharing Bible lessons, going on safari, hiking, camping,  and snorkeling.



Warrior Training is Wild Hope’s response to a wired but disconnected world.  This spiritual coaching 4 week long event is for those who are hungry for more …more of God …more of living life in abundance …getting connected to the wildness of our adventurous God.   It’s about helping participants identify their God given gifting and saying goodbye to places of fear that keep them from being all God has made them to be.