Though some see overwhelming odds against this continent, we see a bright future for Africa.   We are convinced that Africans are the one’s who are going to change Africa!

Our mission : to adventurously empower emerging leaders through Christian discipleship to step into their destiny as children of God who will transform their communities and the world.


We seek to accomplish this by:

1. Creating and maintaining a space of prayer and beauty on the Wild Hope land for retreat, counseling, and training of emerging African and Western leaders to reach the lost.

2. Hosting adventurous Safaris with A Purpose to the wild places of East Africa to maximize discipleship of African and Western participants while providing a bridge for them to give of themselves to the needy and unreached.

3. Coming alongside our disciples to bring sustainable and transformational development to their communities.


At Wild Hope we are committed to living Christ-centered lives that honor God and serve others. To that end, we operate from five core values we’ve found in the Scriptures. It’s our desire that these values will shape all that we do.


We are passionate about being transformed by the love of God and truth of His Word.  We love helping people experience well-being, grow in character and step into all that God created them to be.  We are firmly convinced that being filled with God’s Holy Spirit is crucial to an effective life of joy and fruitfulness.


Prayer is the foundation and forerunner of all we do. It is our belief that even great ideas can come to nothing without the direction and empowerment of the Holy Spirit so we seek His leading in our lives and work.

God’s Word

At the core of everything, we hold God’s Word, as expressed in the Bible, as our standard and guide.  Believing the New Testament claim that all Scripture is God-breathed, we affirm that it is useful for teaching what is true, correcting mistakes, making our lives whole again and training us to do what is right, so that all God’s people are prepared and equipped for every good work.

Creation Care

Believing that the earth is a gift from God that will sustain us when we care for it, we endeavor to make choices that honor God’s creation.  We seek to be good stewards of all He has entrusted to us and to enjoy his wonderful outdoors as much as we possibly can!


We believe that a “hand up” is better than a “hand out” and that Africans are the ones who will ultimately affect lasting change on their continent.  For this reason, all of our initiatives are based on partnerships that give local people opportunity to become leaders, transforming their circumstances.


We believe a prayerful, worshipping community that takes God’s Word seriously provides the best environment for transformation. Our desire is to nurture life-giving, loving relationships within the Wild Hope family, as well as in the greater community around us.


Wild Hope was born in 2004 when a group of close friends encouraged Peter and Tammy Russell to follow their hearts back to Africa.  Coming alongside them to form a board, this cadre of like-minded partners cheered them on as they started a brand new organization that would facilitate the dream of seeing Africans empowered to face challenges that have kept their continent bound for centuries.  2005 saw the Russell family moving Wild Hope’s base of operations to Arusha, Tanzania.  Drawing on many preceding years in Africa, the Wild Hope team seeks to disciple the next generation of emerging leaders in Holy Spirit led Servant Leadership.

Wild Hope International is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3).


Peter and Tammy Russell followed the footsteps of Peter’s parents and grandparents in their love for Africa and her people. Their years among Kenya’s Maasai, as well as their experiences in biblical counseling and inner healing, have uniquely prepared them for this season in Tanzania. While Peter gives a lot of time to overseeing the work of Wild Hope, he especially enjoys training leaders and potential leaders in the life of radical faith. Tammy brings her gifting and passion to create the welcome on the Wild Hope Base that is so crucial to discipleship and transformation.

Philemon Mollel oversees much of the practical day to day running of Wild Hope in countless crucial ways. From interfacing with government offices to representing our work to village leaders and program participants, Philemon doesn’t have much down time. Philemon’s servant heart and Christ-like attitude are huge assets to our team, especially when seeking wisdom on how to handle frustrating situations.

Faith Moshi serves our team with her accounting and general office skills. Faith’s gifts extend beyond the office and she is often called upon to speak to gatherings of Tanzanian women, encouraging them to be all they can be in Christ.

James Kukan is the Bishop of the Community Christian Church movement and a trustee of Wild Hope Tanzania. James is our main liaison for our programs and outreach among the Maasai. James is an elected community leader with a passion to see his people equipped to overcome the spiritual and environmental challenges they face in these crucial days.

Solomon and Sarah Kipi are cross-cultural missionaries working in southern Tanzania.  Solomon and Sarah are passionate to see the unreached reached and periodically help with the teaching and discipleship programs of Wild Hope. The Kipis are such a blessing of encouragement to all they meet.

Peter Kukan acts as our “Bush Manager”, always on the go between various Maasai villages and the city of Arusha. Without his cheerful administration in the backs and forths, the connection between our remote work sites and our base would quickly break down. Peter’s joy and heart to serve are contagious and we’re all encouraged when he is around.

Meshack Joseph oversees our Wild Hope Base and the general upkeep of our Retreat/Training Center. He is an eager learner, excited about the training he’s received in sustainable agriculture through his involvement with Wild Hope. Whether it’s deciding the best placement of trees and buildings or discussing staffing for the base, Meshaek is a diligent and responsible supervisor.

Lillian Ramson has been a part of the team since 2005.  With a humble heart and a devotion to excellence, Lillian heads up our hospitality crew.  Her mouthwatering dishes and sense of humor effect everyone who comes through Wild Hope’s Base.

Mark Harris, spent 8.5 years as a missionary in Russia and another year in England. Mark’s focus was on pastoral training and missiological research, earning his Doctor of Missiology degree in the process. Mark has been practicing accounting since 1977, and has been Wild Hope’s US based accountant since 2005.


Wild Hope is blessed with an incredible board that gives oversight, asks tough questions, listens well and prays hard. Each board member is encouraged to bring their spouse along to meetings, giving us the added benefit of more sage advice.

Tim Anderson has been involved with missions since a Keith Green concert in June of 1982. He was ordained at Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara in 1990. The Anderson family then served during the 90’s as missionaries in Eastern Europe following the collapse of communism. They answered a call to pastor Calvary Chapel Burbank in July 2001 and have been serving there since. Pastor Tim and his wife Laura have five children.

Jaime Zavala is the Executive Director of Olive Crest a non-profit organization rescuing at risk children in Los Angeles, California. Jaime holds a Masters Degree in College Student Development from UCLA and is passionate to see people empowered, equipped and released into ministry. He and his wife Tracy have served as missionaries with Youth With A Mission in Argentina and currently live in Los Angeles with their two children Mathew and Abbie.

Glenn Ornee is a contractor in Santa Barbara, CA, owns his business, Glenn Ornee Gen. Bldg. Contractor, Inc, and continues to be the hands-on builder guy. He does a lot of remodels, some additions, and some of his most-enjoyed work has been done on the Wild Hope land, training the Tanzanian crew! He and his wife, Candy, serve on the mission team at their church, Reality Santa Barbara, focusing on missionary care and getting the Gospel to unreached tribes. Their passion is to build God’s church through prayer, and by giving resources and encouragement to those raising up next-generation leaders, especially in East Africa. Glenn and Candy both enjoy traveling, tenting on the Wild Hope land, and being part of the great work God is doing!

Peter Russell holds a masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Inter-Cultural Studies and a Bachelor of Arts from UCSB in Cultural Anthropology. Peter and Tammy served as missionaries among the Maasai from 1991-2000 where their primary responsibilities were to establish culturally relevant churches and oversee appropriate development projects. He is the founding director of Wild Hope and works with Tammy in full time ministry in Tanzania.